KrogerFeedback Survey makes it possible for loyal Kroger Feedback customers to take part in the customer satisfaction survey and get a chance to win up to USD 5000. is the official portal where users can participate in the survey.

On completion of the Kroger Feedback survey, you are eligible to be a part of the reward. Thus, the KrogerFeedback gives you an opportunity to win some lucrative rewards and also an opportunity to give your opinion and feedback about your last visit to the Kroger.

Kroger Feedback is a well-known survey that contains all of the key questions that allow the famous retailer to figure out how satisfied customers are with them. Survey is purely designed to improve the customer experience. Many other companies have launched such surveys to improve their services.

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About KrogerFeedback

These surveys include questions from all Kroger stores, whether it’s food from the city market, the pharmacy, or Ralph’s. Kroger evaluates each and every comment received from the KrogerFeedback Survey, and amend its services if needed.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is extremely easy and also gives you some lucrative rewards. The survey questionnaire includes questions on the behavior of the staff, the quality of the food, and the freshness of the products used.

All this happens without revealing the identity of the customer. Kroger Feedback is one of the most efficient websites to improve service quality, work efficiency, and performance in the shortest possible time.

Kroger analyzes the comments, evaluates it, and takes the necessary actions which ensure the better customer experience on your next visit to the Kroger. If you are a regular customer of the Kroger, then you can participate in the Kroger Feedback at the official website and win some great rewards.

Am I eligible to participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey?

  • Please, keep in mind that it is not necessary to pay or purchase at the Kroger to be a part of the Kroger Feedback Survey. A purchase doesn’t boost the chance of winning.
  • The survey rewards only one person per survey.
  • You must participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey within 7 days of receiving the purchase receipt. After 7 days, you are not eligible to be a part of the survey.
  • Your age must be greater than 18 years.
  • The Kroger Fuel limit is only 50.
  • You are not eligible to participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey if you are an employee at the Kroger or the family member of the employee at the Kroger.
  • Only the top 100 lucky winners will be rewarded with the grand prize.
  • No illegal creatures are allowed.

How do I participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey?

Just have a look at some of the most simple steps that you need to follow to be a part of this customer satisfaction survey.

  • Visit the official Kroger Feedback website at
  • Select the language in which you want to access this online survey.
  • Enter the Kroger code along with the date and time of your visit. These details will be stamped on the Kroger receipt.
  • Now, you will be directed to the Kroger Feedback home page.
  • Answer all the questions asked in this survey questionnaire. All questions will be based on your last visit to the Kroger Stores.

Why should I participate in the KrogerFeedback?

Well, this is a valid question to ask. Please, note that KrogerFeedback Survey hardly takes a few minutes from your precious time and rewards you with some of the lucrative rewards.

Kroger Feedback Survey also enables you to provide your opinions, and feedback regarding the services of Kroger, which helps the main company to analyze its services. Also, Kroger evaluates each and every comment and make changes to its services if needed. Thus, your feedback has a deep impact on the services of the Kroger and your customer experience on its premises.

Official NameKrogerFeedback
CountryUnited States
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RewardsCash Prize or Gift Cards

Stay alert from the fake KrogerFeedback

Please, be warned! People are getting many fake Kroger Feedback messages from different social media sites. It looks exactly like the KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey, but it is not the same. Please, note that the survey is available only on the official website at Kindly have a look at some of the guidelines:

  • Kroger never conducts a survey on any social media. It is available only on the official website at
  • No popup should be visible on the visit to
  • Kroger never offers more price money than announced.

Still, if you face any sort of issues with the Kroger Services, you can contact the Kroger Support Team without any hesitation. The customer support is always eager to help you out. So don’t hesitate a bit before contacting them. Dial 1-800-576-43770  to get the Kroger Feedback Customer Support.

How are KrogerFeedback winners selected?

When you successfully answer all the questions, you complete the survey. The administrators then randomly decide the lucky winner of the same.  Winners are generally announced on the 10th date of every month. You will be rewarded a $5000, or $100 gift card from

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