Questions Asked

Each time you participate in the KrogerFeedback survey, you will earn the $ 5,000 prize or a $100 gift cards. You may also win 50 fuel points on the successful completion of the Kroger Feedback Survey. Please note that the customer satisfaction survey is only for people greater than 18 years of age.

Now, you must be wondering what are the questions asked in the KrogerFeedback Survey. Then, here you go! Have a look at some of the questions asked in the KrogerFeedback Survey:

  • Date and Time of your visit to the Kroger.
  • Your desired language of accessing the KrogerFeedback portal.
  • Your favorite items at the Kroger.
  • How do you rate your last visit experience based on the price, cleanliness, and the staff-behavior?
  • Are you satisfied with the Kroger in terms of quality, cleanliness and the staff?
  • Kroger Feedback will also include questions related to the dairy products/fuels/pharmacy and more.

Answer all the above questions according to your last visit to the Kroger.

Also, it is requested to answer the Kroger Feedback questions with utmost honesty, as it is an honest effort from the Kroger to enhance the quality of services. Your comments will have a deep impact on the services of the Kroger.

You will be receiving the rewards on the successful completion of the KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey.